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Dental Hygiene

New Patient Comprehensive Exam

Routine Exam

Cavity Detection X-Rays

Galileos 3D CT Scan-A full mouth scan to help us determine exactly how to meet your dental needs

Routine Cleanings to maintain oral health

Scale & Root Planning - A deeper, more advanced cleaning to help restore oral health and maintain overall physical health

Sealants to help prevent decay in permanent teeth 


Lab Crowns - require two separate appointments.

Cerec - one visit and no more temporaries

Root Canal Therapy - helps restore a tooth to good health.


Extractions - In most cases the extraction of a tooth is our last resort in maintaining your dental health.

Tissue Grafts - When gum tissue recedes and the root of the tooth is exposed. This could eventually result in the loss of the tooth or cause the tooth to be very sensitive. 

Pediatric Care

We enjoy helping children through their adolescence learn the importance of good oral hygiene. We offer a fun, friendly environment so they have a great experience.


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